Angel Wings Tattoos

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Angel Wings Tattoos

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Feminine TattoosThere is no better expression of art than that of a tattoo. Tattoos have long represented an outward recognition of a variety of meanings for the wearer. This is certainly true of angel wings tattoos. As the popularity and acceptability of tattoos continues to increase, so too does the appearance of angelic symbols of expression such as angel wings tattoos and others.Feminine Tattoos

Angels are a religious symbol that many adopt for their symbolic meaning as opposed to an expression of religious faith. In other words, tattoo wearers like what angels stand for even if they are not necessarily religious themselves. For the tattoo wearer, angels and angel wings tattoos can represent spirituality, faith, devotion or a connection with God. Many, in fact, will use angel wings tattoos as a key piece in a memorial tattoo.

Here’s a fact, however, that most people will be surprised to know. In the western Bible, the depiction of angels is of beings that don’t have wings. Take a look at the stories that are found in the Old and New Testaments that refer to angels and you will see that their description is a human one. There is no mention of wings whatsoever. Generally, these angelic creatures came with important messages from God, and would often appear in dreams and such.

Wings were incorporated into the mix by early artist and painters that began to illustrate biblical scenes and characters. This was done so early in history, that the reasons why have been lost to the ages. Still, the idea stuck and even today, if you see a picture of an angel, they are sporting a pair of wings.

Angel wings tattoos, for their part, have become a popular representation of angelic meaning without having the entire angel present. While this may seem somewhat peculiar, the idea has nevertheless become very common place. In fact, it would be pretty accurate to state that there are more angel wings tattoos than tattoos of angels. Naturally, as a result of their popularity, there are a whole bunch of different types of angel wings tattoo designs.

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Perhaps the most common and widespread design of angel wings tattoos is the feathered wings. These are the traditional look of angel wings. It is popular to get these types of wings done on the back – either in the upper region or a full back tattoo. Angel wings tattoos are usually done in black ink.

Another favorite option with angel wings tattoos is the tribal design. These angel wings tattoos are less traditional or realistic, and are found to be more representative. Using the tribal style of tattooing, angel wings tattoos will typically be more “artistic” in appearance. As with traditional tattoos, these are usually done in black ink as well.

These are only a couple of the more popular varieties of angel wings tattoos. There are certainly more. Angel wings tattoos offer such a wide spectrum of meaning for tattoo wearers, that many find an immediate connection with adding one. Angel wings tattoos are such that they adorn any part of the body equally well, and are just as commonly featured separately or as an addition to another tattoo. Sporting angel wings tattoos is a popular choice that can’t go wrong.

Feminine Tattoos

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