Butterfly Tattoo Design

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Butterfly Tattoo Design

Butterfly Tattoo DesignA Beautiful Expression Butterfly Tattoo Design

The great thing about tattoos is that not only are they a great form of artistic expression, but they are a form of expression that is not limited by gender. In other words, tattoos are not the sole province of men. One favorite of the ladies is the butterfly tattoo design. As a matter of fact, it seems that the butterfly tattoo design is one of the most requested design choices by women. Suffice to say that this is one design in which a lady can’t go wrong with.

The butterfly tattoo design, if you think about it, is a perfect subject for a tattoo. Taking any symbolism out of the equation for a moment, butterflies all by themselves are beautiful creatures. Butterflies come in all kinds of wild and wonderful colors that make them very visually appealing. With their delicate and expansive wings featuring colored designs of their own, a butterfly tattoo design simply takes advantage of the beauty that nature has readily provided.

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Of course, the beauty that can be captured in a butterfly tattoo design is only one aspect that a wearer is looking for. For many tattoo wearers, there is a symbolic reasoning for their body ink. Naturally, what one person gets out of a subject may mean something totally different to the next individual. Nevertheless, there are some basic symbolic meanings that are attached to a butterfly tattoo design that appeals to a lot of people.

Butterflies, in one symbolic gesture, can represent a shortness of life. Butterflies have a very short life span. These beautiful creatures only live for a few days. With such a short life, a butterfly tattoo design can be a reminder that one should take advantage of ones life and to live it to the fullest. This particular symbolic meaning has a strong attraction with many people who are considering a butterfly tattoo design.

Life, in fact, is an intrinsic theme when one considers a butterfly. There is also the metamorphosis that a butterfly goes through from life to death (egg, caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly). Such a journey, many believe, is symbolic to ones journey through life. This offers another great symbolic meaning that is attached to the butterfly tattoo design.

Besides their symbolic meanings, a butterfly tattoo design seems to fit just about anywhere on the body. The symmetrical shape of a butterfly lends to this. Their angular shape, in fact, lends itself to two areas that women especially enjoy getting tattooed: the upper and lower parts of the back. Further, the butterfly tattoo design is a great piece whether it is small (and on the ankle for example) or large (a back piece). Whatever the case may be, a butterfly tattoo design is a great piece of inked art that the ladies will enjoy.

With their rich symbolism, beautiful colors and practical shapes; a butterfly tattoo design offers the ladies a wide spectrum of great tattoo choices. These are the kinds of tattoos that ladies love to display and ultimately appreciate as a piece of fine art that only accentuates the wearer’s beauty. A butterfly tattoo design is definitely a ladies choice!

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