Eye Tattoos

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Eye Tattoos

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Eye Tattoos*Notice* – This page is about Eye Tattoos.

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Beauty and symbolism tend to be the primary reasons that most people decide to get a tattoo done. Few designs encompass these concepts better than eye tattoos. Tattoos have become very popular and socially acceptable. Many people, men and women, are eager to display their beautiful body art. Many of these pieces convey symbolic meaning that is dear to the wearer. Eye tattoos have the ability to do this and it is a primary reason that many people select these designs to have inked.

The eye has always held a fascination with many. It is said that the eyes are the doorways to the soul. Eyes can convey a variety of emotions. Sadness, happiness, love, and more can be expressed by the eyes. With such a variety of intended meaning available that can be displayed, eye tattoos are a favorite with many. Eye tattoos can either feature eyes all by themselves or as part of a face. It is not uncommon to see eyes placed in other, more unconventional designs – like on a structure of some sort.

There are a few well know “eyes” that are often the subjects for eye tattoos. One is the eye of Horus. Horus is an Egyptian god. This eye represents life and protection. Then there is the well known “third eye”. The third eye symbolizes an awareness that goes beyond sight, of being able to see within the soul. These are some of the more known meanings that are associated with particular eye designs. However, eye tattoos can actually mean or represent anything a wearer intends. There are no set rules, and the meaning of eye tattoos is often based on how the tattoo itself is designed and situated.

Eye tattoos are often very colorful, with an artist using bright vivid colors. These types of eye tattoos really stand out. When these pieces are incorporated with a face or other surrounding pieces of body art, people usually take notice. Eye tattoos will almost always stand out from other pieces of body art because there is often the impression that they are looking back at you.

The placement of eye tattoos goes a long way to conveying symbolic meaning as well. Eye tattoos on the back for example, can symbolize one’s complete awareness around them. Eye tattoos, by their design can fit just about anywhere in fact. Most eye tattoos will be small in size. This makes them ideal pieces to place on the ankle, the wrist, and the small of the back. Their size and design make eye tattoos a nice selection for the ladies.

Eye tattoos, in the end, offer tattoo wearers a piece of art that can convey a spectrum of meaning. The depth of the symbolic reference that eye tattoos convey is only limited by the skill of the tattoo artist. With their colorful beauty and symbolic representations, eye tattoos are a favorite with the ladies. Eye tattoos prominently displayed in the right spot can present an artistic and symbolic picture.

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