Feet Tattoo

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Feet Tattoo

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Click Above for Feet Tattoo Designs

Click Above for Feet Tattoo Designs

Feet TattooNote: This page is about Feet Tattoo.

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Tattoos in general have become very popular in recent years. The negative stereotypes that were once associated with wearing tattoos are no longer prevalent. Tattoos are now a common form of expression that can found on every part of the body. Included in this are the feet. Feet tattoo designs are become the newest fad among tattoo wearers. While the foot may seem like an unusual place for a tattoo, feet tattoo design is nevertheless becoming a fashionable statement for body art.

Feet have long been a source of erotic excitement for many people. It only makes sense, when one takes this into consideration; that foot tattoos can help to accentuate this fact. Feet tattoo design, as such, falls more in the province of women than men. Women find that feet tattoo art can enhance the shape of ones foot and can add a bit of additional attention to other foot decorations such as toe rings and ankle bracelets.

Feet tattoo art features all sorts of designs. Two popular choices are colorful vines and stars. Vines are great in that they can flow in various different patterns down the length of the foot and can naturally encompass the ankle as well. This type of feet tattoo are ideal for accentuating the length of a well shaped foot. Stars are a favorite choice of the ladies, especially those done is a series of escalating sizes. Placed on either side of the foot or just over the toes, these foot tattoos give a foot an elegant style.

There are a few concerns that are associated with the placement of feet tattoo design, however. The first deals with the ability to display the art you have done. Since most people tend to wear socks and shoes, foot tattoos will be covered up quite a bit. Most wearers of feet tattoo work, however, get one not so much to display, but rather as an additional feature that they can enjoy with those they choose to share it with.

The fact that feet tattoo ink is often covered brings up another issue in that the constant friction generated by socks and shoes will cause the feet tattoo to prematurely fade. This is a fact. The fading of foot tattoos can be minimized by not wearing socks and shoes as much as possible. Even then, if you are going to be out in the sun a lot, you will want to make sure you keep plenty of sun screen applied to the feet tattoo. Finally, you can always get foot tattoos retouched when they begin fade.

The last issue to mention in regards to the feet tattoo is the pain associated with getting them. This seems to be a concern with many. Sorry folks, but the feet tattoo tends to hurt more than getting a tattoo just about anywhere else. This is probably because there is so little fat or body mass on the foot. Whatever the case may be, foot tattoos are going to be tad bit painful.

Foot tattoos are kind of like having a private piece of body art that can be shared and displayed when you want it. These tattoos provide the wearer with just one more tool to enhance the erotic nature of their feet. The ladies, for certain, can’t go wrong with the feet tattoo design!


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