Forearm Tattoos

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Forearm Tattoos

Not Just for Men Anymore

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Forearm Tattoo

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There is no better expression of art than that of a tattoo. Tattoos have long represented an outward recognition of a variety of meanings for the wearer. This is certainly true of forearm tattoos. As the popularity and acceptability of tattoos continues to increase, so too does the acceptance of forearm tattoos on women.

In the past, it was mainly men that enjoyed wearing a forearm tattoo with pride. Nowadays however, the tide is beginning to turn. In fact tattooing in general is something that has taken a major stronghold with the ladies. Designing your own tattoo is becoming easier and tattoo design is becoming something of a fashion statement. The same holds true with forearm tattoos.

So… why should you choose the forearm for your tattoo? For a lot of reasons! First, it is a prominent place on your body. Because your tattoo is something you’ll live with for the rest of your life, you are probably very proud of it, so you should put it somewhere on your body where you can show it off!

The forearm is a good choice for the opposite reason, too. Even though many people realize that tattooing is extremely common, lots of employers and workplaces sometimes discourage or even forbid tattoos to be seen. If this is the case for you, a forearm tattoo can be easily covered simply by wearing a shirt with long sleeves.

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Another reason to choose a forearm tattoo is that they are a great way to accentuate muscle tone. You might not realize it, but there are lots of small muscles in your forearm, and whenever you move it, these muscles contract and look like they are rippling tantalizingly. When you have a tattoo, this movement will be more obvious, and you’ll get attention from lots of men.

What design you want to get on your forearm is another question to answer. Many women have recently chosen to get a tribal style tattoo. This can refer to a wide variety of designs. One of the most popular is a band style tattoo: the design is often a pattern of lines or other intertwining figures that wraps in a circle around the forearm.

If you’d prefer to get a tattoo that moves down your forearm instead of across, you could consider a flame tattoo. These designs are also very popular because they have a clear meaning: Hot, Hot, Hot! You can also get a tribal style design that is simply placed in the particular position of your choice.

Forearm Tattoos

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