Ladybug Tattoos

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Ladybug Tattoos

They Are Just Cute Ladybug Tattoos

Ladybug TattoosThere are not a lot of cute insects. In fact the opposite is mostly true in that insects can be a little intimidating. The exception to this is the ladybug. For ladies especially, ladybug tattoos have become a popular choice for a tattoo (they are cute, many say). Ladybugs are one of the few insects (the butterfly is another example) that possess the natural beauty and grace that can endear it to humans. Squashing ladybugs is not something that is commonly done after all. Ladybug tattoos, for their part, offer a combination of beauty and symbolism that make it a can’t miss tattoo for the ladies.

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Ladybugs have a pretty good reputation around the world in general. Many cultures believe that ladybugs bring good luck. One old tradition says that if a person is sick and a ladybug lands on them, that the ladybug will draw the illness out of the person. So in terms of symbolism, ladybug tattoos represent good fortune and wellness. Symbolic meaning is a prime consideration for a tattoo and ladybugs offer plenty. And of course they look great.

The first thing in considering ladybug tattoos is color and basic design. While some tattoo wearers will opt for a realistic representation, many will want their ladybug to have a little more excitement to it. Some designs take this to the point that the subject is not even recognizable as a ladybug. Color is also another major consideration. While the deep red of ladybug tattoos is a prime choice, some tattoo wearers will select other colors that are more in line either with their personal taste or other pieces of body art that may be present.

A nice feature of ladybug tattoos is that they compliment other tattoo pieces very nicely. In fact, more often than not, this is how you will see ladybug tattoos. For ladies who have pieces such as flower vines or other subjects of nature; ladybug tattoos fit right in. In fact, colorful butterfly tattoos are a great companion to ladybug tattoos. The infusion of colors from these beautiful insects, present a great visual presentation for tattoo wearers to display.

Their small size make ladybug tattoos the perfect choice with many ladies, especially if you decide to only have one ladybug present. Many ladybug tattoos are very small indeed. Ladybug tattoos can go anywhere that ladies enjoy placing a tat. Ladybug tattoos are especially ideal for ladies who don’t really want a tattoo that is prominently displayed. A ladybug on the hip, for example, can give you that tat you want without being obtrusive.

Ladybug tattoos are a great choice for any lady looking to get a tattooed. These colorful creatures are cute and carry meaningful symbolism along with them. Ladybug tattoos are popular for a reason, and their popularity is probably not going to die out anytime soon. Because they compliment other tattoo pieces and work equally well alone, ladybug tattoos give wearers a wide spectrum of benefits that make it worth having. Ladies, you will definitely appreciate ladybug tattoos.

Ladybug Tattoos

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