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Latin Quotes For Tattoos You’ve Never Seen Before!


latin quotes for tattoos


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Although it is now extinct, Latin once was the universal language spoken in Europe as early as the 1st century B.C., and it is a language that we can all understand as many modern day words are based on Latin. Today, unless you are taking part in mass at the Vatican in Rome or in Florida with my grandmother (who still says her prayers in Latin, as she was taught to do in the 1930’s) Latin phrases are primarily used among medical experts (primum non nocere, which means “first, do no harm”) and lawyers (habeas corpus). In fact, many individuals still use Latin today without even realizing it. Bona fide is Latin for “good faith”, ad hoc means “for this purpose” and quid pro quo means “something for something”, which is used in modern day banter to mean “tit for tat.”

Luckily, unlike the Hebrew and Arabic phrases and words tattoos I reviewed previously, Latin quotes for tattoos are fairly easy to translate for the sake of tattooing. Wikipedia offers an extensive list of Latin quotes for tattoos by way of phrases, many of which make for attractive and inspiring tattoo designs. also features a long list of common Latin phrases.

Are Latin Quotes For Tattoos Found Online Always Accurate?

Latin Quotes For TattoosAs with any tattoo that is done in a foreign language not your own, make sure you do your homework. Double check your interpretation with several sources. Unfortunately, as the Latin language is extinct, you won’t be able to find a native speaker. Instead, ensure your translation is correct by either using several online translators or confirming it’s accuracy with a Latin scholar.

Here are some Latin quotes for tattoos to get you started:

alis grave nil — nothing is heavy to those who have wings

alis volat propris — she flies with her own wings

audax at fidelis — bold but faithful

carpe noctem — seize the night

cicatrix manet – the scar remains

cogito ergo sum — I think therefore I am

credo quia absurdum est — I believe it because it is absurd

dum vita est, spes est — while there is life, there is hope

esse quam videri — to be, rather than to seem

luceat lux vestra — let your light shine

luctor et emergo — I struggle and emerge

non ducor duco — I am not led; I lead

orbis non sufficit – The World is not Enough

semper ad meliora — always towards better things

sic itur ad astra — thus you shall go to the stars

temet nosce — know thyself

veni, vidi, vici — I came, I saw, I conquered

verba volant, scripta manent — words fly away, writings remain

veritas lux mea — truth is my light

vincit qui se vincit — he conquers who conquers himself

vive ut vivas — live so that you may live

Many people get tattoos these days and want something special written on it, and often times they look to some of the best Latin quote for tattoos. Latin is a considered magical and can transform dull English words into something that
looks and sounds amazingly unique and interesting.

latin quotes for tattoos

"Everything changes, nothing perishes"

latin quotes for tattoos

"To the stars through adversity"









Here are some examples with more modern “Latin quotes for tattoos” explanations:

Sectumsempra – This famous phrase is known throughout the realm of Harry Potter as a spell that causes remarkable damages. This is a popular tattoo phrase for fans of the books and movies and it means “to forever cut.”

Cogito ergo sum – As Latin phrases go, this one is very common and famous. It was stated by philosopher RenĂ© Descartes and commonly is translated to “I think therefore I am.”

Carpe diem – Robin Williams made this phrase famous in “Dead Poets Society” and it means “seize the day.”

Carpe noctem – This phrase is meant for all looking to take a humorous look at the phrase coined by Robin Williams as it means “seize the night.”

Temet nosce – “Know thyself” is a perfect Latin phrase that goes with almost any tattoo design and has a depth of meaning.

Veni, vidi, vici – Julius Caesar is reported to have written this in response to a very short war in which he probably would say, “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

Luctor et emergo – Anyone who has encountered great adversity may want this Latin phrase tattooed which means “I struggle and emerge.”

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam – This phrase is great for anyone who themselves is a force of nature as it is translated to “I will either find a way or make one.”

Me transmitte sursum caledoni – For the geekier crowd seeking a tattoo, “beam me up, Scottie” makes a great Latin tattoo phrase.

Amor vincit omnia – If passion is the name of the game, “love conquers all” makes a great addition to any tattoo. Honor love with this great tattooed Latin phrase.

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The great thing about this page is that when you click on the links above (or below), you will get the best ideas for Latin quotes for tattoos, regarding specific letters and/or fonts.

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Latin Quotes For Tattoos

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