Lower Back Tattoo Designs

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Lower Back Tattoo DesignsLower Back Tattoo Designs

Lower Back Tattoo DesignsYes getting a tattoo is not an easy decision – and it isn’t cheap either! But, if you have really wanted this for years now, then let’s get it on!

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Start choosing the perfect art from the selection of lower back tattoo designs recommended later or you can design your own tattoo.

Know more about the beauty and satisfaction you get of having your tattoo put on your lower back, and discover the benefits of laying your lower back tattoo designs just above your behind.

Why on the lower back?

Lower back tattoo designs became popular more than a decade ago. In the 90’s, young women finally went out to make a statement and to express themselves through art. Believe it or not, lower back tattoo designs are often intended to accentuate and enhance the sexual attractiveness of women. Since they are a body embellishment, lower back tattoo designs highlight the shape and contour of the body of the woman. Sounds really interesting, doesn’t it? Read on to know more about lower back tattoo designs!

Anatomically, although the lower back does not have the widest surface area on the human body, its curvature following the slope of the spine can accommodate large art portrayals and can make the lower back tattoo designs more dramatic in effect. Aside from that, lower back tattoo designs can be placed in horizontal orientation – which can be worked out easily by the tattooist.

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As a woman, you will gain numerous benefits from having your tattoo done on the lower back. Since this part of the body does not stretch out or wrinkle during conception or pregnancy, or weight gains, the lower back tattoo designs will be expressed more artistically, being on a stable part. Unlike the abdomen, where the natural feature of the skin is very elastic and expandable, the lower back is considered a great location for your lower back tattoo designs.

What’s great about placing your lower back tattoo designs just inches above your behind is that, you can show them off by putting your belly shirts or half shirts, and low-rise jeans on! Now you have more than enough ways to express yourself!

What about health concerns? Do not get stressed out because according to various people from the medical field, once the tattoo heals and your lower back tattoo designs have completely dried up, it does not increase any risk of infection as long as the universal precautions are followed by the tattoo artist. Even if in the future you need to have any injections through the tattoo, the tattoo will not affect your medication at all. Read on to know more about lower back tattoo designs.

Having your tattoo on the lower back is spelled out as sexy and fun! So better make sure you choose the perfect design for your feminine back curves.

Some of the popular lower back tattoo designs include the butterfly, dolphin, angel, small flower, large tribal design, lion, eagle medicine, hummingbird, v-shaped tattoo, and many more! Whatever lower back tattoo designs you choose, as long as they express yourself, go for it!

Lower Back Tattoo Designs

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