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Getting a Tattoo?

Consider this…

Most Tattoo Shops Use Dr. Numb For A Painless Tattoo Experience

What is Dr. Numb – Topical Numbing Cream?Numbing Cream

Dr. Numb Cream is a topical anesthesia consisting of 5% lidocaine (the highest amount allowable). It is made with pure lidocaine. Dr. Numb uses water-based solutions. Therefore Dr. Numb cream doesn’t interfere with the ink or the skins elasticity, making it safe to use for a painless tattoo process.

Because Dr. Numb is pure lidocaine at its highest concentration and water based, it will completely numb the skin right away for a painless tattoo. It works great for relieving the pain associated with the tattooing process and numbing the pain of piercings.

How It Works

Dr. Numb Cream – topical numbing cream works by blocking nerves from transmitting painful impulses to the brain. After applying a thick (quarter inch) layer of the cream to the area to be tattooed, cover the cream with saran wrap for at least 30 minutes to give enough time to ensure a painless steel tattoo. Once the air tight bandage has been removed, the skin will remain completely numb for at least two hours.

Customer Testimonials

“Well I thought this was going to be snake oil or some sort, but i was proven wrong. I just got my tattoo touched up today and which usually hurts a lot more than the first time but i tried this product and it really worked!! the only thing I felt was the pressure of the tattoo artist hand. I’m totally impressed!!!”

“I used it for my upper middle arm where it supposed to hurt, but when I used this numb cream I didn’t felt no pain at all. I recommended this to people to use this is worth the money and Feeling no pain.”

“Dr Numb worked great. I Put it on, and I did not even use as much as they said to. I Covered well with saran wrap and 45 mins later, I was able to enjoy getting my tattoo, a lovely koi fish. This is Not my first tattoo, so I was waiting for the pain but nothing, I will say that there was a spot or two that I must have missed, but the pain was still less.

I love it and will highly recommend I know I will use again.”

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