Pin Up Girl Tattoos

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Pin Up Girl TattoosPin Up Girl Tattoos

Pin Up Girl Tattoos*Notice* – This page is about Pin Up Girl Tattoos.

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If there is a little voice inside you that pops out once in a while convincing you to get a tattoo, then that might just be the ultimate sign! Getting one is a lifetime commitment, so spice up that embellishment and consider pin up girl tattoos!

What is a pin up girl?

As early as 1890’s pin up girls have been known worldwide. A pin up girl is a model whose photos are produced in large number for public consumption. The picture typically shows girls who are in lingerie, skimpy clothing, and are posing with the intent to seduce the audience. Such photos are cut from magazines, newspapers, postcards, calendars, or other publications which are meant to be pinned up – hence the term.

Pin up girls all these years have been identified as fashion models, glamor models, celebrities and actresses. Many consider pin up girls as sex symbols. Read on to know more about pin up girl tattoos.

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Even during World War II, pin up girl tattoos were very common in tattoo designs. Famous celebrities of choice were Judy Garland, Betty Grable, Ingrid Bergman, Diana Barrymore, Marilyn Maxwell, and many more. The list continues to lengthen until today. Learn more about pin up girl tattoos, scroll down.

Getting pin up girl tattoos is popular for men; however this trend has extended even to the women. Pin up girl tattoos embody or symbolize feminine sexuality and sophistication. Such designs increase in variety because more and more women have learned to appreciate and express their femininity and individuality.

There are pin up girl tattoos which are suggestive. Meaning, these depict ideal images of how and what a beautiful or sophisticated woman should look like. Many artists have explored their creativity in coming up with images. Then later on such images became a design selection for pin up girl tattoos.

Most of the time, pin up girl tattoos go along with other symbols, or names. You can have your design drawn with a meaningful emblem such as cards, horseshoe, dice, and so on. The most classic design is a pin up girl tattoo with an anchor. Or you can have the name of your special someone inked below, above, or across the pin up girl tattoo as well.

Where to get tattooed

The most traditional body part that pin up girl tattoos are put is the forearm. If you should observe, many of the older generations have their tattoos in the said body part.

Today’s tattoo enthusiasts, usually take advantage of a larger surface area on the body and choose to have their pin up girl tattoos on the calf. This allows a larger and more visible pin up girl design, and can also be easily covered up when necessary.

Albeit uncommon, another body part where pin up girl designs are tattooed is the side of the torso. Apparently this allows a more vivid presentation of the design, considering the length and shape of the surface area.

With the fun associated with getting pin up girl tattoos, here’s hoping that you have a blast when you get yourself one!

Pin Up Girl Tattoos

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