Rib Tattoos

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Rib Tattoos

The New Sexy Trend

Click Above for the Sexiest Rib Tattoos
Click Above for the Sexiest Rib Tattoos

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Rib tattoos are on fire right now when it comes to trendy, unique, sexy tattoos for women!  Celebrities like Megan Fox, Rhianna and Rumer Willis all have tattoos on their rib cage. They can also be called torso tattoos. It’s interesting how different body parts become popular at different times for tattoos… well for right now, rib tattoos have the title.

Here’s the thing. We would say that rib tattoos are about 10% more painful than tattoos on almost anywhere else on the body. You sometimes hear horror stories of tattoos done on the torso as being excruciating. This is not the case. Although rib tattoos are slightly more painful, all you have to do is breath and most anyone can grin and bear it.

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The ribs are made up of 24 bones arranged in 12 pairs that form a protective cage around the upper organs of the body. Overall, there are less fat or muscle to cushion the skin while tattooing, hence the reason for the increase in pain.

Besides the back the ribs are one of the largest surface areas of the body in which a tattooist can do their magic. You can compare it to a large canvas for an artist to work on. The most popular rib tattoos are designs and images like flowers, animals, text or quotations and tribal art. Another great thing is that the ribs are covered most of the time making them the ideal spot Rib Tattoosfor tattoos that one wants private or hidden. Moreover, designs can be inked on the ribs in such a way that it will be perfectly symmetrical to the natural curves of a woman’s body making it more artistic and appealing.

Rib tattoos are hot, hot, hot. There is nothing more sexy than a beautiful woman that has some amazing tattoo design on her sensual and shapely ribcage. In fact, one of our favorite rib tattoos is of an orchid design on a woman’s torso, shown here.

Now that’s what we call Bad Ass! Wouldn’t you agree?

Rib Tattoos

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