Tattoos of Stars

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Tattoos of StarsTattoos of Stars

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Tattoos of stars are one of the most famous picks of tattoo enthusiasts for many decades now. The designs of tattoos of stars are considered universal by some because of the numerous meanings and symbolisms they represent. Besides, you can never go wrong with choosing the best placement for the tattoos of stars. Have them on you ankle, wrist, forearm, lower or upper back, on your belly button, still you will achieve your desired look and intention.

Tattoos of stars come in hundreds of variations, so if you think you have seen all the designs, think again! You can combine one concept of tattoos of stars with your own ideas from your creative juices! To mention one unique idea, you can have vines of stars inked on to your body having a lovely rose at the apex of the vine – or something to that effect!

Symbolisms of a Star

During ancient times, people had always considered the stars as the diamonds in the sky. They are the mini palaces of the gods and goddesses in the heavens. A lot of our ancestors believed that stars are people’s gems in the sky; hence they are lucky and precious.

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Until this day, we have considered tattoos of stars to express our high ambitions, condescending ideas, earnest intent, and valued thoughts.

Aside from the affective meanings and representations of the designs of tattoos of stars, the astrological perspective has proclaimed significance of certain stars.

Points of Tattoos of Stars 8

In different parts of the world, native and contemporary people have given substantial meanings about the points of the geometrical figure of a star. Likewise, tattoo enthusiasts and tattoo artists take pleasure in coming up with designs of tattoos of stars.

One simple illustration of a design of tattoos of stars is the four-pointed star. Among the other figures of tattoos of stars, the four-pointed star is the most common and especially preferred by many tattoo enthusiasts. If you want to have a tribal tattoo, this figure is the ideal choice.

Another depiction of a design of tattoos of stars is the five-pointed star. This figure has gained popularity because of the association of the filled in concept like on the American flag, celestial art, and a pentacle.

The filled in tattoos of stars design is typically associated with pixies or butterflies by most women. You can also take this pick if you want to project the Lone Star of Texas as an individual design.

The pentacle tattoos of stars design suggest a witchcraft concept – which has been a representation since the 1980’s. This figure also symbolizes the search for the mysteries of life, Diving Knowledge, and dearth energy. Moreover, the five angles of the figure represent the elements of nature which are air, water, earth, fire, and spirit.

The Star of David or the six-pointed star is also known for the emblem of an ancient pagan god. The six-pointed star depicts a magical symbol.

Tattoos of stars have so many significant meanings, take your pick and express yourself!

Tattoos of Stars

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