Tribal Shoulder Tattoos

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Tribal Shoulder TattoosTribal Shoulder Tattoos

Tribal Shoulder TattoosThe increasingly recognition and popularity of tribal shoulder tattoos can be traced from the meaning of tattooing in the ancient times. Tattoos, in the prehistoric period, were used for two basic purposes – to express spiritual, religious, or magical beliefs and commitment, or to blot a member of the local group in the tribe.

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Symbolism about Tribal Shoulder Tattoos

Tribal tattoos of today are rooted from the tribal style in the past. The ancient style of tattooing had been influenced by the designs of tribal themes such as North American Native American, Native Indian, Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Hawaiian, Samoan, Maori, Japanese, Chinese, Northwest American Indian, African, Hindu, Polynesia, Pagan, Celtic, and even astrological. The list continues because of the wide diversity of spiritual beliefs of our ancestors.

Regardless of the country of origin, tribal shoulder tattoos help tattoo enthusiasts reinforce positive and enticing feelings about themselves allowing them to link up and associate in the same way to an element of enigmatic primordial lifestyle. Some say that the reason why tribal shoulder tattoos – or tribal tattoo in general – have remained in existence for many centuries is because the meaning of the designs have the influence to drive people on the subconscious level that benefits are gained of wearing such.

Tribal shoulder tattoos are typically of two colors only – or even one. The manner the lines of your tattoo design are drawn makes a statement to your tribal shoulder tattoos. The distinct characteristic of tribal shoulder tattoos is the limited number of colors and common images. Lines and curves are repetitive that are shaped to form a symbol or a larger emblem with no conventional design.

Many tribal shoulder tattoos of today look a lot like Wiccan, Gothic or pagan symbols with elaborate and intricate lines. The art design of tribal shoulder tattoos in the present time has integrated and modified the ancient designs. You could just imagine the wide variety of the designs of tribal shoulder tattoos that you can find available.

Doing tribal shoulder tattoos illustrates ancient symbols such as tribal remnants from the caves, art blueprints found on totems, and many more.

Tribal Shoulder Tattoos on Women

Although it is known that tribal shoulder tattoos are most popularly worn by men, women of today have accepted to appreciate and actually wear such. In fact, women in the tribal cultures contributed to the standing of tribal designs, highlighting the symbols for femininity. Women of the modern times wear tribal shoulder tattoos with feminine representations.

The association of the elements and forces of nature in the designs of tribal tattoos has allowed the concept to include the moon, sun, clouds, stars, and so on. Abstract design has also been integrated in the tribal designs.

More Popular Designs

Modern tribal tattoo art is not limited to the ancient or primordial designs. These days, tattoo enthusiasts mix the elements of nature and the primitive art concepts such as tribal skull tattoo, tribal angel, tribal barbed wire designs, and many more.

Tribal shoulder tattoos are continuously evolving so better be part of that evolution and get one!

Tribal Shoulder Tattoos

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