Wrist Tattoos

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Wrist TattoosWrist Tattoos

Wrist TattoosOne of the most common and hot placements of tattoos are the wrist tattoos. Many Hollywood celebrities are enthusiasts of wrist tattoos hence the trend has become very popular, even today. Both celebrity and non-celebrity tattoo fanatics get wrist tattoos primarily as permanent body accessories.

If you have decided on getting your own tattoo, you might want to consider having it done on your wrist. Getting wrist tattoos gives you options as to which part of your wrist you think they are best placed. Read on to learn more about wrist tattoos.

Designs and Locations of Wrist tattoos

Tattooing is an art. Therefore, whatever design you want inked in your skin – in this case, your wrist, then you be the boss. What is important is that, you make your tattoo design personal and reflective of your character. Especially wrist tattoos, your design has to complement and match your social and professional status and lifestyle.

The common designs of wrist tattoos are tribal tattoos, Celtic knots, Japanese or Chinese character, dolphins, star tattoos, and so on. Since the surface of the wrist is quite limited, consider getting a miniature design. However, again, it depends on your taste because some want their wrist tattoos extended and linked up to their arm tattoos.

Wrist tattoos may mean numerous things to different people. In the ancient times, tattoos on the wrists were done to protect themselves from diseases, illnesses, and evil spirits. Until now, some people still have this belief, but generally tattoos on the wrists are for body embellishment.

The wrist has three phases from you can choose your wrist tattoos inked: the bottom of the wrist near the base of your palm, the top of the wrist, and the full wrist cuff. The bottom of the wrist tattoos are easier to conceal than the ones on the top of the wrist. The full wrist cuff tattoos circle your wrist, hence is very visible and can be perceived as arm band or bracelet.

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Why get wrist tattoos

Getting your wrist tattoos puts you in the trendy and cool list with regards to making a fashion statement. There are people who say that if it is your first time to wear tattoo, do not start with your wrist because it causes too much pain. The thin layer of skin makes tattooing painful, and thus it is better off to find a body part “padded” with fatty tissue. Surprisingly there are those who claim otherwise.

Since people have different pain threshold, assess yourself if you can actually go on to get a tattoo on the wrist.

Health risks

In the modern times, getting wrist tattoos is considerably safe as long as tattoo shops follow the accepted tattooing procedure. The crucial part in tattooing is a possible cause of infection and allergic reactions. If your tattoo artist should ensure sterility throughout the process, and the after care, then you should not have a problem.

However, it is still best that you are confident on the tattoo shop and artist that will have your wrist tattoos done.

Wrist Tattoos

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