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New and Old Images for Girly Tattoos

girly tattoosEveryone loves to express themselves in one form or another. Art is a popular form people use to show personal style and expression. Art in the form of girly tattoos provides females and even males a way to demonstrate a reflection of their independent style and flair. Girly tattoos have long since been in style and the past three decades has shown an increase in popularity for these creative and unique expressive tattoos in form of body art.

Timeless Images for Girly Tattoos

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There are a large handful of girly tattoos that have remained popular over the span of the past few decades. These specific art images have been altered to fit individual style and persona, as well as to showcase family member names, spouse or boyfriend names, and personal messages and quotes. The image of the rose has long since been one of the most popular girly tattoos that have been used by hundreds of thousands of females. The rose, in a variety of art forms, has found its way to nearly every body part on a woman in tattoo form.

Butterflies have been another popular and common form of girly tattoos. The butterfly girly tattoos represent freedom and beauty, and therefore, have been widely popular and preferred amongst women when it comes to selecting a personalized tattoo. Butterflies, with its many possible shape and color palettes, have allowed women to select small, medium, or large sized girly tattoos. The color options and expression of freedom have made the rose and the butterfly both two of the most popular art images for girly tattoos.

In addition to the rose and the butterfly, hearts in a variety of forms have been chosen as preferred girly tattoos. Hearts often are used in tattoos to carry the names of children, deceased family members or loved ones. Hearts also will carry messages which are personal and intimate. These messages inscribed inside heart girly tattoos can be Biblical scriptures, love quotes for a special person, or even thorns and broken hearts can express a wounded heart. These personal expressions within girly tattoos often are profound and give a person a glimpse to the inner feelings and beliefs of the person wearing the girly tattoos.

Small animals or insects such as bumblebees, rabbits, snakes, and ladybugs have been a chosen set of girly tattoos which showcase creatures that reflect the personality of the person wearing the tattoo. These animals have been very popular because the personality of the animal can be altered and can range from sad, happy, mysterious, angry, or vindictive. The wide choices available in styling the animals, as well as color options make these very popular forms of girly tattoos that have been selected by thousands of women, and even men.

Contemporary Images for Girly Tattoos

New and contemporary images for girly tattoos have taken on a sophisticated flair which expresses the revolution of the woman as times have changed. Many women in recent times have sought out tattoo images which have provoked deeper thought and made more of a statement about independence and personal revolution. These girly tattoos are typically more centered on the advancement and the authority the woman feels in her life and is less cutesy and more provoking than the traditional girly tattoos.

The sophisticated and contemporary girly tattoos often come in form of full sentences, power images that have a delicate touch such as an image of a sophisticated sword or barbed wire. These sharp images combined with a delicate artistic touch blend the woman’s femininity with her expression of independence and authority she has over her own life.

More new age and contemporary forms of girly tattoos are found in the images of ancient Chinese and even Hebrew symbols and artistic drawings. In addition to these symbols and drawings, unique and clever signs of Mayan writings have become a popular set of images used in girly tattoos. Many women have preferred these lovely and creative tattoo images due to their originality and wide range of styles and lettering in the symbols that are available.

Last but not least in the form of girly tattoos, the art work of advanced technology has emerged to produce some amazing graphic arts tattoos which have revolutionized the entire images of girly tattoos and other forms of tattoos. The graphic arts advancement in the world of styling and creating tattoos have given people a much wider scope of images possible, personal reflection, and palette of colors to choose from.

Favorite Girly Tattoo Images

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Some favorite girly tattoo images include people’s favorite memories such as their favorite Disney character, favorite band, book, or favorite piece of traditional or modern art. Many women can be found with tattoos of the Mona Lisa, in pure form or altered form. Other adult women can be found wearing girly tattoos which have images of their favorite childhood characters from animated films or television show.

These are reflective and personal images which allow the woman to show her independent taste and the things that matter to her and have made an impression on her. Many of these tattoos and other girly tattoos can be found in small to medium sizes in different parts of the body. Some of the most popular areas on the body for tattoos for women have included the back, upper arms, outside thigh, belly, and ankle.

Women can receive tattoos in practically every area of their body. Girly tattoos can be found in very private regions or in public areas where the tattoos are more commonly visible. To sum it up, girly tattoos have long since been a form of art where women can showcase their style, preferences, and impressions.

Occasionally, as the woman matures, she will have discovered she has gone through a transformation and no longer wants the girly tattoos on her body. She then has the option to have the tattoo covered or professionally removed. The majority of women, however, keeps and treasures the tattoos they receive.

Girly Tattoos


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