Orchid Tattoos

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Orchid TattoosOrchid Tattoos

Orchid TattoosOrchids are lovely flowers that embody femininity and perfection. They are so beautiful and you do not want them out of your sight – and body!

If you have finally decided on getting yourself a tattoo and are still in the process of picking the best design, consider orchid tattoos! The designs of orchid tattoos express nothing more but your womanliness. Gone are the days when women hide themselves from the world and merely stay home. This is the era of self expression!

Orchid tattoos have become popular for women who want to get tattooed on the body. If you are one of those who want to show off your individuality through art, go on! What better way do it but integrate your femininity with the audacity of taking the superficial pain of getting tattooed. Read on to know more about orchid tattoos!

Why orchid tattoos?

Miniature and elaborate orchid tattoos are commonly placed on the shoulder, the belly button, or on the upper back of a woman’s body. Because of the orchid’s graceful appearance, orchid tattoos became popular to women with the intent of drawing immediate attention. The orchid’s reputation as a unique and exotic flower induces a sense of innocence and finesse. Hence many are fascinated about the idea of making such sense an everlasting and perennial part of their body by getting orchid tattoos.

Orchid tattoos, aside from their renowned image, can project a wide variety of messages especially for women. However, to back track a little bit, in the past, orchids in particular meant wealth, beauty and love. On the contrary, to the Greeks, orchids had always been perceived to mean virility then later on, they had become a symbol for luxury.

Your orchid tattoos in today’s definition would suggest generally as a symbol for unique and delicate beauty. With the orchid tattoos on your body, get ready to charm and captivate those who get to have a peek of your design. Discover more about orchid tattoos!

Orchid tattoos can also look good on men since orchids symbolize spirituality and strength as well.

Choosing your design

Any type of orchid can impart a message of femininity when tattooed on your body. The key to bring out the elegance in it is to enhance it with the intricacy of the design.

Since there are approximately over 25,000 different types of naturally existing orchids, you can choose the design of orchid tattoos from the varieties like the Dendrobium, Cymbidium, Phalenopsis or Moth, Vanilla orchid, and many more. Have your tattoo artist elaborate the intricacy of the design and color of the tattoo. Enhance the tattoo with abstract embellishments, or you can have it simple and clean. You can have your orchids drawn as portraits – as in a photograph – or have it as a cartoon with the name of your special someone beneath, over, or across them.

Choosing the design can be obtained from suggestions online, tattoo shops, or you can come up with your own. Simply express your femininity through orchid tattoos.

Orchid Tattoos

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